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Pro Diffusion ST is a revolutionary new type of optical rear projection screen designed specifically for short throw projection applications. This unique hand cast screen technology is manufactured using a clear acrylic glass structure with all the diffusion particles (crystals) formed on one surface. The high concentration of crystals means that the projected light can be dispersed more evenly across the surface and into the corners, improving the resolution and creating a better image quality (without hot spots).

Pro Diffusion HD was specifically developed for applications with short throw mirror projectors like NEC WT610, Sanyo PLC-XL50, Hitachi CP-A100 and standard installation projectors with short throw lens options. Create your own cost effective movie theatre in rooms with limited floor space by installing a large format HD quality rear projection screen. For example create an 80” diagonal screen from less than 600mm (23.6”). A lower cost alternative to expensive fresnel screens.


  • Transmission – 72%
  • Peak gain – 3.7
  • Horizontal half gain – +/-30°
  • Ver tical half gain – +/-30°
  • Viewing angle – 140°
  • Thickness – 5mm
  • Colour – high contrast grey
  • Sur face – matt / gloss


  • Hand cast optical acr ylic screen
  • Standard screen sizes 50” – 140”
  • Designed for shor t-throw projection
  • Works with mirror projectors
  • HD image quality
  • Optional anti-glare coating
  • Cost effective large format screen for areas with limited space

Recommended Applications

  • Home theatre screens
  • Large format displays
  • Projection monitors
  • Information displays
  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Hotels, bars & clubs
  • Leisure / entertainment centres


Firma MKM Display zajmuje się dystrybucją urządzeń do prezentacji obrazu i dźwięku, a także projektowaniem, integracją oraz dostarczaniem najnowocześniejszych rozwiązań z zakresu kompletnych systemów audiowizualnych, technologii projekcyjnych, digital signage, systemów multiroom, wyposażenia sal konferencyjnych i szkoleniowych, nagłośnienia i akustyki obiektów oraz systemów sterowania i automatyki budynkowej.

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