High Resolution LED Lamp and SMD Technology

When we started producing the first full colour LED modules back in the early 1990’s we saw a massive future potential for the technology within the advertising industry. Unfortunately back then full colour LED technology was extremely expensive and it was very difficult for media / marketing companies to see the benefits and recoup advertising revenue from the initial capital investment. This is the main reason why this technology became a popular rental solution and more suited to stadium applications and outdoor events.

Today things are very different, the technology has advanced and component costs have reduced. The timing could not be better to launch a NEW range of modules specifically focused on advertising applications. This means smaller screen sizes with a higher resolution to meet customer’s advertising budgets. Our key focus have been to develop a number of high resolution modules using our high brightness SMD (3-in-1) technology and dot matrix boards. The result is a number of cost effective screens solutions for the signage, display and advertising industries.

Indoor / Window / Semi Outdoor Advertising Screens

Our new range of high resolution full colour LED modules offers a costs effective solution to smaller scale digital billboard advertising, poster displays, banners and our LED lightbox. Pro Display is focused on developing a number of screen solutions which differ from conventional LED displays by adding a whole new dimension to the use of the technology, creating movement and impact without the large price tag.

Digital LED Billboards (landscape or portrait)

The focus here is to offer smaller scale LED advertising boards using a high resolution module for closer viewing, making them ideal for all low level advertising applications within shopping centres, airports, bus/rail stations, visitor attractions, exhibition halls and outdoor pedestrian walkways. They also have a great impact for window advertising applications. This type of screen can be any size or shape (aspect) and also integrate well with larger static billboard poster displays.

Other LED advertising solutions include:

  • LED 6 Sheet Poster System
  • LED Lightbox Sign
  • LED Banner Screens
  • LED TV

SMD (3-in-1) Technology
Pro Display has made many advances in its range of SMD (3-in-1) screen solutions over the last two years with the development of a new range of chips from Nichia and CREE. Utilising special techniques we have been able to increase brightness and contrast levels on the boards to create a costs effective range of full colour indoor / semi outdoor displays.

Indoor / Window / Semi-Outdoor Modular Screen Systems
Pixel Pitch – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

New for 2008 – 4mm pixel pitch.

Dot Matrix Technology
Utilising new manufacturing techniques our engineers have recently been able to develop a range of high brightness full colour dot matrix modules to create cost effective displays for the signage / advertising industry. These high resolution display modules are available in 6mm, 7.62mm and 10mm pixel pitch, with a brightness level of 2700 nits making them suitable for both indoor / window / semi outdoor applications. The board design means the display has a more even surface offering greater uniformity and colour blending across the surface.

Indoor / Window / Semi-Outdoor Modular Screen Systems
Pixel Pitch – 6mm, 7.62mm and 10mm

LED Lamp Technology
Our LED lamp technology is predominantly used for outdoor displays, but we have also recently developed a NEW type of economical flat LED lamp technology which we are currently utilising for our 7.62mm full colour indoor screens.

Indoor Modular Screen Systems
Pixel Pitch – 7.62mm, 10mm and 12mm

12mm rental modules available with special cabinets.

Pro Display’s LED display solutions – utilise only the highest grade components available within the industry, to provide product quality and reliability. All our displays are produced under strict ISO standards and every component is checked and tested prior to delivery. We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive warranties within the LED industry, offering 3 year warranty on all LED components we produce. Factory engineers are available to assist our dealers with any large installs, to commission the system and train your engineers on how to operate the control system / software and carry out general maintenance.

Standard Features

  • Highest quality components (Japan / USA)
  • Quality and reliability (ISO standards)
  • Strict safety standards (CE / UL / ETL)
  • 3 year comprehensive warranty
  • Modular screen designs
  • Factory installers (worldwide)
  • Control system / software
  • Spare parts / training / technical support
  • OEM / custom designs

Recommended Applications

  • Advertising / window displays
  • Shopping centres / malls
  • Visitor attractions / theme parks
  • Indoor arenas / concert halls
  • Exhibitions / conferences
  • Airports / bus / rail stations
  • LED video wall



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