Interactive Touch Foil Technology

Pro Display Interactive Touch Foil’s offer greater functionality and reliability than other projected capacitance foils in the market place. We use a special hard coated clear PET layer offering greater protection for the fine copper cores, improved optical characteristics and a resilient smooth surface for greater longevity. The foils are supplied with an electrostatic cling layer which makes them suitable for both permanent and temporary installations. The new improved foils have an upgraded driver with USB connection which has been digitally signed off by Microsoft (EMC approved) and are UL and CE approved (RoHS compliant).

The Interactive Foils are combined with a screen technology to create an interactive touch screen display. Our main market for the foils is ‘thru-glass’ interactive displays for store window applications, where the foil is combined with our range of projection films and high brightness LCD TFT screens.

Interactive Touch Foils

Clear Interactive Touch Foil available in screen sizes from 10″ – 30″ (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio).

Sizes from 30″ – 82″ are available with one of the following Rear Projection Films:
• Sunscreen – Sun readable rear projection film
• Pro Diffusion – High contrast rear projection film
• High Gain – High brightness rear projection film
• Clearview – Transparent holographic style rear projection film

Interactive Touch Foils can be applied directly onto the inside of the window with the LCD / LED Screen placed up against the foil to create an interactive glass window display.

Interactive Touch Foils come complete with USB cable, software / drivers, software user guide, earthing cable, window sticker and installation guide.

Interactive Glass Overlays

Pro Display manufacture a complete range of projected capacitance touch screen overlays designed to work in conjunction with LCD / LED screens. For smaller screen sizes (10” – 30” diagonal ) we offer a range of clear flexible foils that can be either temporarily or permanently applied to the screen surface or glass window. Larger screen sizes 30” – 82” require a toughened glass touch overlay (3–6mm depending upon screen size) which simply fixes to the front of the screen. The glass overlays offer improved performance and greater stability when combined with larger screen sizes. If the screen is to be used as a thru-glass touch screen in a store window, the touch glass is placed up against the window (a special screen stand / mount is available for this application) . An optional anti-glare coating is recommended for the touch screen glass overlays used in store windows.

Standard Features

· Dual touch (2 touch points)
· Projected capacitance technology (horizontal / vertical wires)
· Optically clear hardened coated PET Foil
· Accuracy – 3mm absolute, 1mm relative, no drift
· Response Speed – 50 – 100ms
» Works on glass up to 20mm thick (8mm for dual touch)
· Temperature range – better than -10º to +70º C
· Humidity control 0 – 95% (not affected by condensation)
· Light transmission – 85%+
· Durable Flexible Foil
· USB v1.1 and v2.0 Compatible
· CE , UL and RoHS compliant
· Windows 7 Compatible


· Standard sizes from 10″ – 82″ (4:3 and 16:9)
· Custom sizes available
· Digitally approved by Microsoft
· Works with gloved hands
· Supports all media types
· Reduced noise interference

Recommended Applications

· Store window displays
· Indoor / outdoor kiosks
· Glass partitions
· Corporate offices  
· Training / meeting rooms
· Exhibitions / conferences
· Museums / visitor attractions



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