Rear Projection Film ideal for Digital Signage

Pro Diffusion film is a high contrast rear projection film primarily used for store window displays and high end video applications. This unique high resolution screen technology offers superior brightness, contrast and black levels even in high ambient light and daylight. The film is available in a range of standard screen sizes (30” – 120”), in wholesale roll format (10 & 30 metre rolls) or by the linear metre off the roll (1524mm / 60” wide). Custom shapes and sizes are also available and pieces can be simply joined to create large format displays. Pro Diffusion film has a self adhesive layer (peel and stick) making it easy to apply to glass or plexiglas.

Our Pro Diffusion rear projection film is also available as an interactive screen ideal for Digital Signage. Click to see a video of our Pro Diffusion Interactive Touch Foil in action.


» Transmission – 62%
» Peak gain – 3.7
» Viewing angle – 140°
» Colour – dark grey
» Thickness – 100 microns
» Roll width – 1524mm / 60”
» UV stable
» Apply to glass or plexiglas

» High contrast / black levels
» Sizes from 30” – 120“
» Custom sizes & shapes available
» Wholesale 10m & 30m rolls available
» 3 year warranty
» No critical angle of projection
» Self adhesive / no shrinkage
» Low cost – superior performance

Standard Screen Sizes
4:3 Aspect Ratio – 30”, 40”, 50”, 60”, 67”, 80”, 100”
16:9 Aspect Ratio – 30”, 40”, 50″, 60”, 67”, 80”, 100”, 120”
Custom sizes available upon request.

Pro Diffusion film is also available by the linear metre off the roll or in 10m and 30m wholesale roll form (1524mm wide).

Recommended Applications
» Window displays
» Advertising screens
» High-end video
» POP / POS displays
» Information displays
» Presentation screen

Pro Display self adhesive projection films can be simply applied to glass using a squeegee and water. Please take a look at our Projection Film Installation Guide for further information.

Pro Diffusion film is also available with our thru-glass Interactive Touch Foil’s in sizes from 30″ – 82″.


MKM Display prides itself on having a unique range of screen technologies which will cover most, if not all of your display requirements. As an exclusive distributor of Pro Display products in Poland, our goal is to provide innovative and unique technologies to the Polish market and guarantee completely new, highest standards visual solutions in the area of digital signage, communication, advertising, home theatre or interior design.

Pro Display was born to innovate, changing the face of visual display as we know it today. A UK manufacturer at the forefront of display technology, focused on developing new and exciting ways to advertise and entertain. A combination of design flair, innovation and expert knowledge have created a truly unique range of display products and solutions.