Football Stadiums and Sports Arena’s

Click to see a video of our LED Perimeter System being used at a recent Manchester United football match.

Over the last 3 years Pro Display has focused on developing a number of new LED advertising solutions for various industry sectors. This includes our range of LED Perimeter Advertising Systems for football stadiums and sports arenas. These are based on a light weight modular system designed for both fixed and rental applications where the modules are placed round the perimeter of the sports field or arena. The screens generally display advertising media during the games, which can be captured by TV cameras for live broadcasts. The clients are usually the owners of the stadiums or sports marketing companies who recoup revenue from advertisements played during the game. Our system design also means that the modules can be stacked to create LED video advertising screens for other rental / promotional applications.

LED Perimeter Systems

Standard Options

  • 16mm SMD (3-in-1) System
  • 20mm LED Lamp System

The standard LED Perimeter Advertising System can vary in size (generally 200 – 250 metres) and comes complete with PC control system, power / data distribution boxes, cables, flight cases and operating software. Our factory engineers will accompany the system to assist with the initial installation and to commission the system. They will also train local engineers on general maintenance and the operation of the software system.

16mm SMD (3-in-1) System

  • Module size – 1024 x 1280mm
  • Nichia high brightness SMD Module
  • Pixel pitch – 16mm
  • Brightness – 5700 nits
  • Viewing angles – 140° (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • IP65 Front / IP54 Rear
  • Stackable modules
  • 3 year warranty (inc. spare parts)

20mm LED Lamp System

  • Module size – 960 x 1280mm
  • Nichia high brightness LED Module
  • Pixel pitch – 20mm
  • Brightness – 7000 nits
  • Viewing angles – 120° Horizontal
  • IP65 Front / IP54 Rear
  • Stackable modules
  • 3 year warranty (inc. spare parts)

Pro Display has now gained vast experience in producing high quality LED perimeter systems and we are now on our 3rd generation modules with upgraded features on both the hardware and software solutions. Over the last 3 years we have been able to make valuable improvements to our systems based on long term operation and customer feedback.

Here are just a few of the recent system upgrades which gives us a competitive edge in the market:

  • Smaller lighter modules (making them ideal for stacking)
  • Soft rubber mask (facia) – durable during impact
  • Quick fix stabiliser (simple action)
  • Special plastic coated hinges
  • Simple connectivity – less cables required
  • orrosion resistant coatings (extreme weather conditions)
  • Special interlocking cables – do not pop off during impact
  • Upgraded conformal coatings (extreme weatherproof)
  • Improved air circulation – cooling within the housing
  • Improved control system and fibre data connections
  • Third generation software – upgraded features and user friendly interface

Pro Display’s LED display solutions – utilise only the highest grade components available within the industry, to provide product quality and reliability. All our displays are produced under strict ISO standards and every component is checked and tested prior to delivery. We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive warranties within the LED industry, offering 3 year warranty on all LED components we produce. Factory engineers are available to assist our dealers with any large installs, to commission the system and train your engineers on how to operate the control system / software and carry out general maintenance.

Standard Features

  • Highest quality components (Japan / USA)
  • Quality and reliability (ISO standards)
  • Strict safety standards (CE / UL / ETL)
  • 3 year comprehensive warranty
  • Modular screen designs
  • Factory installers (worldwide)
  •  Control system / software
  • Spare parts / training / technical support
  • OEM / custom designs

For further information on our LED Perimeter Systems, please see our LED Perimeter System Overview



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