Pro Display’s PA-LC Glass and Film is used for any number of applications including privacy windows for the home and office, room partitions / dividers, solar control / security panels, electronic curtains / blinds, skylights / vision panels, conservatory roofs / window panels, counters / display cases, window displays / advertising screens and much more.

PA-LC (Polymer Assembled-Liquid Crystal) is a relatively new technology, which allows the transmitting or blocking of light, depending on the On – Off status of an electrical current. Our PA-LC technology will become the next generation glass technology in the global market.

The PA-LC technology is the base material to make the light scattering product. The LCD Film has a controlling function of light transmittance. The light scattering function of this product is applicable to display images on the glass.

Standard Features

  • Superior Light Transmittance
  • Low Haze in off-axis viewing angle
  • High UV protection (laminate glass)
  • Projection screen surface
  • Flexible production sizes
  • Film to apply to glass
  • Laminate glass panels


  • LCD Film consists of: PET Protective Layer – LC Polymer Coating – PET Protective Layer
  • Thickness – 0.5mm
  • Power – 110 VAC
  • Frequency 50 – 60HZ
  • Electrical current – 0.1 amperes per sq.metre
  • Power consumption – 7 watts per square metre
  • Switching – less than 1 second
  • Operation mode – (ON) transparent (OFF) translucent
  • Light transmittance – ON – 75% OFF – 67%
  • Haze coefficient – ON – 7% OFF – 87%

Operating Principle & Structure
This technology is based on the combination of a polymer with liquid crystal. The liquid crystal scatters the light in its normal status. However when an electric current is activated, the liquid crystals are changed to transparent.

Structure of LCD (PA-LC) Laminate Glass
The diagram below shows the composition of our LCD laminate glass panels using EVA. Our standard laminate glass is manufactured using two 5mm optically clear glass panels. The overall thickness in 11.5mm (plus cover trim), others are available at 7.5mm and 13.5mm.

LCD (PA-LC) Laminate Glass Cross-Section
Here the diagram demonstrates the protective plastic cover trim that is placed over one or all the laminate glass edges. The bus-bar edge must have the protective trim, but the other edges can remain clear if required.

LCD Glass Installation Procedure
This diagram represents the installation procedure for the LCD laminate glass panels. Image one represents one glass panel with protective trims on all edges and images two and three show the trims only on the outer framed edges to allow the glass to remain clear across the surface area. Please note that we recommend that the electrical power cables come out of the top rather than the bottom if possible. Power cable can come out of the trim either from the centre or the sides.

Switching of LCD Glass
Finally, the diagram below represents the connection of the LCD laminate glass panels to the 110V transformer and switch unit. Please note that several panels can be activated from the same switch unit. Each LCD laminate glass panel has two 1mm power cables to be connected into the transformer. Several glass panels can be linked together through a junction box.


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