Canvas Art Wall Mount Speakers

Sound design canvas art wall speakers are available in a range of sizes and styles, which have been designed to blend easily with both contemporary and traditional interiors. These flat panel speakers will fill unusually large areas with clean and clear non directional sound. Their decorative appearance and flat construction means they can be used in visually sensitive situations, allowing them to become an integral part of the room’s décor.

Our range of high powered transducers have been combined with a special acoustic sounding board to create this unique speaker which delivers significant output levels and a full spectrum frequency response. The speakers are manufactured in 4 standard sizes and you can select from a range of art designs (catalogue available) or choose your own artwork/family photos. Other options include a blank canvas allowing colour co ordination of the speaker panel to match specific wall colourings or designs, creating the ultimate invisible sound source within a room.


  • Beamed output – 180° dispersion
  • Max. continuous RMS – 40 watts
  • Max SPL – 107dB / 1m / 40w
  • Nominal impedance – 8 ohms
  • Connection – dual push terminals
  • Material – acoustic sound board
  • Weight – standard 4kg


  • Custom shapes / sizes available
  • Range of standard designs available
  • Choose your own art / photo’s
  • 4 standard speaker sizes
  • Blank canvas version (paint)
  • Hidden wall fixings
  • Invisible sound source

Recommended Applications

  • Home theatre / interior design
  • Corporate boardrooms / offices
  • Apartments / condo’s
  • Restaurants / bars / clubs
  • Hotels / reception areas
  • Showrooms / furniture stores


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